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Briva - Operational resilience

Proven strategies to engage Human Resources and align process.

  1. Human resources engagement

    No matter what level you are at, stakeholders engagement is a critical skill and the most successfully leaders have mastered this capability. For some leaders this mastery remains intuitive and for others it is consciously developed.

    There are many tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate progressive dialogue and engagement with stakeholders and they may be a combination of: visual aids; multi-media; one-on-one meetings; workshops; forums; social media; surveys; newsletters; web tools; reference groups; scenario based activities; hypotheticals and experiential learning sessions.

    Effective stakeholders engagement will create alignment, provide clarity and enables teams to perform well.

  2. Process Workshops

    Process workshops are designed as targeted, interactive and engaging activities that will rapidly align a diverse group or multi-level stakeholders. They can be used to facilitate alignment, creativity and decision making and to generate key output.

    Sessions can be held with smaller semi-aligned teams or larger groups that include stakeholders from across or outside of the organization. Acceleratered Workshops are very effective at the start of a major project or as a tool to engage stakeholders at any stage of a key initiative or strategy.

    Levels of engagement are fluid and maintaining appropriate levels of engagement requires creativity and effort.

    The four-step workshop development process includes: analysis; design; facilitation and the development of visual tools to capture and embed the shared thinking.

Briva - Organisational resilience

Organizational resilience solutions embedded in several companies.

  1. Executive and Board Crisis Training

    We have been working with executive leadership teams in building their crisis management expertise for over fifteen years and understand that the Executive Team and the Board has a key role in preparing for and responding to a crisis.

    We have a robust executive capability development process that has been applied to corporates. Our crisis tools and training programs are aimed at improving the capabilities of people and teams in their decision making and response process.

  2. Crisis / Business Continuity Exercise

    Crisis or business continuity exercise is the process of applying the team and individual skills in an operating environment through scenario-based group activities. We use experiential-style training including hypotheticals, workshops, simulations and field exercises.

    Scenario-based exercises allow us to highlight and refine the process for making decisions, gaining consensus and creating a plan of action.

  3. Emergency and Crisis Management Response Digital Tools

    We have defined a suite of crisis management “integrated decision making” and “business impact” tools that can be customised and implemented across an organization or industry.

Briva - Data resilience

Best practices for becoming a data-driven organization.

  1. Compliance

    We have developed a toolkit to help you manage and maintain adherence to EU data protection standards with: Policies and procedures, privacy risk assessments, training, data breach preparation, compliance assessment stress test. Our consultants are certified (PECB Data Protection Officer) and have multiple skills.

    Data Protection Officer Certified

  2. Executive Scenario-based Planning

    Scenario-based planning is a tool for further analysing and understanding the potential impacts of an identified threat or vulnerability to your data and exploring options and approaches for minimizing the potential likelihood, and the negative impact.

    Scenario modelling can help to understand the level of planning and readiness required to manage the risk, adapt your cybersecurity solutions and assist in raising awareness your mangers and your employee of the risk.

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