About us

The french touch in resiliency services


We endorse making value-driven decisions and implementing tailor-made solutions to improve your business resilience in human resources, processes, crisis or business continuity management and compliance.

Through focus, passion and collaboration, BRIVA provides guidance to support organizations as they contend with the change transforming their industries and businesses.

Our team includes experienced men and women with complementary profiles.

Why us ?
  • We’ll work to gain your trust and build a relationship that lasts.
  • You’ll always know where you stand.
  • We’ll work through any challenges together.
Who we work with…

We operate in various sectors of activity such as aeronautics, energy and networks, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building chemistry, banking, transport and services.

Briva - Teamwork
Combined talents and expertises


Our experts combine with your team to share insights and develop solutions.

We’ll make sure you get the right talents when you need them, and our experts will share their knowledge to help you build your skills.

Four shared values that influence the way we meet clients’ needs



We value authenticity and honesty. We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.


We commit to working with respect and transparency and recognize we are better together than apart.

Intellectual Curiosity

As lifelong learners, we explore and encourage new ideas, and challenge the status quo.


We strive to excel and continually exceed the expectations of our clients and our people, holding each other accountable for our actions and outcomes.

BRIVA has a story to be told


Our founding members started their careers at different strategy consultancies, and they fulfilled their dream of entrepreneurship in 2011.
We named our company BRIVA after the latin word that means
« bridge ».
Because « men often build walls instead of bridges* », our will is to:

  • Connect your business needs to the top talent of operational, organizational and data resilience.
  • Effectively bridge the gap between strategy & execution.

*A quote by Joseph Fort Newton


We have just started our journey

Soon after market entry we started working on projects with well-known customers in aeronautics, banking and chemistry.


We manage strategy projects in crisis management for banking and industry

It is the beginning of international projects for implemented crisis organization and specific drills in industrial plants.


We complete our 40th project

We have gained yet another international experience with new projects in prospective.


Developing sound relationships with partners

Who have helped to promote our company to a much larger public and have helped us to fond and close more and more leads.


We work on a broad range of projects throughout Europe

Covering all aspects and ranging from industry and chemical, building chemistry, services and energy and networks. We are also actively collaborating with a wide variety of startups.


The best way to predict our future is to be constantly creating it

So, we have begun an incubator for new business services: BRIVA's resilient futures. The team utilizes it to incubate, launch, and scale new services for our clients.

Briva - World company
Connect to the right expert for any problem


BRIVA is a consulting company in the South-West of France.

We are building a network of experienced partner companies in France, Europe and Worldwide which provide services in the field of resiliency services with a high added value thanks to the use of sophisticated modern methods and tools.

The role our partners play is crucial for us and we are dedicated to helping them succeed.

Whether you are a consulting company, a cloud solution provider or any other kind of business, we are stronger together.

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    Briva - The french touch in resiliency services The french touch in resiliency services

    BRIVA offers clear, rapid and tailor-made solutions to improve your business resilience, ranging from strategy development to operations implementation.

    Our team includes experienced men and women with complementary profiles.


    12 rue Louis Courtois de Viçose
    Portes Sud – Bâtiment 3
    31100 Toulouse

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